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How gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this amazing getaway!


Your mini vacation with Emi and the dolphins sounds wonderful!!!! ...and looks so exciting!!!!! Glad you had a good time.


I wonder if they have age minimums for these tours. I'll check the links later. These pictures of the island remind me of Enoshima, near Kamakura. I'll try to convince my in-laws to take us to Mikurajima next time.


Your photos are amazing. Looks like you had a nice trip!




What a fantastic trip. Glad you are back and posting again Amy, I've missed checking in with you.


Fabulous photos, fabulous post. Notes taken. Will go.



Too late. Aiko says she has already been to Mikurajima. She also said there is nothing to do on the island other than the dolphin tours. I mentioned that they now have gelato there, but it was not enough to sway her. Too bad.


You are a very good guide, the pictures nice as always and it does look like a nice time. Thanks.


What beautiful pictures! I've asked before but I'm gonna ask again; what kind of camera do you use? Even you far off shots look so vivid.


Thanks for the comments!

David, I think most tours have a minimum age of 5. From what I've heard the village has changed a lot in the past decade and there is now a little bit more to do now. But for sure the dolphin tours are the main event here and since you're only allowed to go out once a day there is quite a bit of downtime.

Thanks Robin! Most of these were taken with my Pentax Optio W30 (a few were taken with my friend's camera, no idea what type).


Hi! Wonderful entries you got here! Keep them coming. It's nice to know that a fellow gaijin is having a wonderful time in Japan, too. It's inspiring! ;)


Hello Amy!

I came across your blog and it captured me from the first glance! I am amazed! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I admire your interest in Japanese cuisine too and I am looking forward to your new posts.

Please keep up the good work. I hope you have a wonderful year 2009!

Best wishes,
Mila (born in Bulgaria, lived in Japan, now lives in England)

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